"We believe that our customers are a part of our family circle. Once you join the family, we aim to keep you a part of it."

Amit Malik, CEO of RK PRINTERS

For 2 generations, we have strived to provide products that fulfill the needs of an array of industries and we have been the most elite packaging manufacturer.

Our Products are centered around 3 major pillars

We think outside the box !

What makes us different?

Whether it's printed product packaging for retail or special die cut folding cartons for industry, the packaging you choose is critical to the success of your product. While there are many companies specialising in folding carton product boxes, we are a different type of box manufacturer. Our specialty is adding the finishes and textures to printed packaging that attract attention – and that makes the difference in selling your product.

RK Printer's continuous evolution is driven by Passion, Innovation and Professionalism. We passionately create and market new packaging solutions for our customer's brands to deliver value globally.

Proudly Family Owned and Operated Since 1972.

Our Strengths

Excellent customer service, consistent supply, innovative designs and environmentally conscious materials are just a few of our strengths that make us proud at RK Printers to customise your experience.

Reliable solution provider: By choosing RK Printers as your packaging supplier, we devote ourselves to all of the Packaging solutions for your business. We think in the best interests of our clients to come up with the best and most tailored solution for you. We save time, hassle and reduce risk for your business. We support your business vigorously through a personalised initial briefing, solutions, sampling, manufacturing and the shipping of your packaging directly to you. Even during the covid pandemic in 2020, we still maintained a 98.8% on-time delivery rate.

Colour control, colour management and printing: We have world standard, excellent precision and accuracy in colour management, device alignment and standardisation. We get the Pantone inks manufactured and get the shade cards approved from our Clients to ensure consistent and accurate colour measurement and control. We also conduct internal quality checks of all our packaging products as well as third party external quality checks if required!

Experience: We have team members with over thirty years experience in the packaging field. They have rich experience servicing world class brands. From working closely with you and your branding agency, to identifying potential needs, possible problems and proposing solutions, at RK Printers we ensure our clients achieve their desired results. We offer real samples instead of just digital proof before bulk production to deliver maximum satisfaction.

Environment Friendly: Safe, high quality materials that are eco friendly are a priority at RK Printers. All materials used in our products must pass all Quality standards.

Global Presence: RK Printers can customise your packaging needs across India and the world. Our sophisticated shipping network allows us to store and distribute our packaging products to you directly all over the world. We also constantly source sustainable raw materials from all over the world and bring them to India.

With over 50 years of experience in Printing and packaging, we know what it takes to get the results you want for all your print jobs, from the smallest to the largest. And as your needs continue to change, so does our use of technology evolve to serve you better. Visit us and let us evaluate your needs to offer the best options at the best price.

We are a trusted business due to the quality of our work on a consistent basis. No fuss. No errors. No delays. Constant results of great quality of packaging printing at low competitive prices.